Financial support for personal injury & inheritance

The Canadian-owned company has a primary focus on extending financial assistance to individuals who have encountered personal injury incidents or are awaiting the disbursement of inheritance funds. Specializing in this niche area, the company aims to alleviate financial burdens faced by those affected by personal injury or in anticipation of inheritance proceeds. By offering tailored financial support, the company endeavors to provide stability and relief during challenging times, ensuring individuals can navigate their circumstances with greater ease and security.


his specialized approach underscores the company's commitment to addressing specific financial needs within the context of personal injury and inheritance matters, contributing to the well-being and financial security of its clients.


Effortlessly access and interpret financial data through intuitive visualization tools. Simplify complex financial information into easily understandable charts and graphs. Empower users to make informed decisions with just a few clicks. Enhance accessibility and efficiency in analyzing financial performance. Streamline data visualization for improved insights and decision-making.

01. The Challenge

The challenges faced in digital communication with clients regarding financial documents and approvals stem from ensuring secure and efficient transmission of sensitive information while maintaining compliance with regulations. Additionally, tracking customers' funding and repayments in terms of their return on investments (ROIs) poses difficulties due to the need for accurate record-keeping and real-time monitoring. Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of financial data during digital exchanges is crucial to maintaining trust and compliance. Moreover, the complexity of financial transactions and varying client needs necessitate robust systems for tracking and managing funds and repayments effectively. Balancing these requirements while providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for clients presents a significant challenge in digital financial communication and management.

02. The Solution

Custom report was developed using the lightning web component which consists of a bunch of custom filters & the table of clients integrated through a mass document generation tool utilizing the custom Metadata types and to generate documents in bulk. Using an automated doc generation tool we created countless number of excel sheets that could be generated with just a click of a button. We created a bunch of different versions of web to lead forms & implemented complex lead routing mechanisms

03. Services