Efficient, non-intrusive B2B communication

Straight2voicemail operates with a unique system designed to streamline communication for B2B customers. This innovative approach allows users to record or upload personalized voice messages and send them directly to their target list without initiating a traditional phone call or causing the recipient's phone to ring. By bypassing the ringing process, Straight2voicemail enables efficient and non-intrusive communication, ensuring that messages are delivered directly to the recipient's voicemail inbox.


his method not only saves time for both the sender and the recipient but also allows for more effective message delivery, as it increases the likelihood of the message being heard and responded to promptly. Overall, Straight2voicemail's system offers a convenient and effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their communication strategies.


Salesforce partners who were using the old school ways of outbound marketing no longer need to hire multiple sales reps and the hassle of calling individuals. Outreach to 100 customers that used to cost hours got reduced. Per hour rate of sales reps is now reduced to a click of a button and a few minutes to record a message

01. The Challenge

Integrating voicemail campaigns within Salesforce posed a challenge as the target system offered live message recording functionality, unlike Salesforce. This discrepancy hindered seamless campaign execution within customer organizations. A significant hurdle was the low conversion rate of communication, leading to missed opportunities with the vast Salesforce user base. To address this, Straight2voicemail sought to bridge the gap between Salesforce and their target system, enabling customers to leverage the flexibility of staying within Salesforce while executing voicemail campaigns effectively. However, achieving this integration required overcoming technical barriers and ensuring a seamless user experience to capitalize on the untapped potential within the Salesforce user base.

02. The Solution

Straight2voicemail devised a solution by creating and releasing an AppExchange app that seamlessly integrates with the target system, facilitating the transmission of voicemail promotions as marketing campaigns. This solution expanded campaign management within Salesforce, allowing users to upload phone numbers and audio notes directly into the database. They also developed a visually appealing interface enabling users to view, upload, and record voice messages despite Salesforce platform limitations. Furthermore, the solution provided users with the capability to manage multiple campaigns, scheduling and launching them as needed, thereby enhancing efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

03. Services