LeadLync merges engagement with Salesforce

LeadLync, an innovative tool crafted by Ignite Sales, Inc., simplifies the process of documenting customer interactions and recommendations by seamlessly integrating them into Salesforce. This integration guarantees accurate data entry with just one click, enhancing efficiency and eliminating potential errors in data input. By automating this task, LeadLync enables businesses to focus more on meaningful engagement with their customers while maintaining data integrity.


hrough seamless integration with Salesforce, LeadLync ensures that every detail is effortlessly captured and accurately entered with a single click. This not only boosts operational efficiency but also mitigates the risk of data input errors, thus safeguarding the integrity of valuable customer information. By automating this essential process, LeadLync liberates businesses to prioritize genuine engagement with their clientele, fostering stronger relationships and driving sustainable growth while upholding data accuracy and reliability.


Ignite Sales won its “Most Innovative Industry Partner” award for the LeadLync™, a single sign-on application

01. The Challenge

Business challenge for SunTrust Banking was, they wanted to expand their sales outreach interbank and across subsidiaries Enable walk-in customers to self-service about the product of their choice by placing terminals in various banks The best part of their partners and subsidiaries were users of salesforce CRM and its likely impossible for all of the partners to have their own integrations built-in to establish the communication to maintain their salesforce systems and SunTrust system

02. The Solution

Working in collaboration with Ignite Sales, we successfully developed and launched an AppExchange app aimed at bridging communication gaps between Salesforce and target systems The innovative solution empowers partners to seamlessly install the app within their Salesforce organization. With just a click of a button, users can effortlessly transmit leads and opportunities to the designated target system This integration not only streamlines processes but also enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data transfer. By providing a simple yet powerful solution, our app empowers businesses to optimize their sales operations and capitalize on opportunities more effectively

03. Services