Unleash the Power of AI

Empowering businesses with intelligent AI models for mobile, customer support, and visual analysis.

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Mobile Edge Intelligence

Mobile & Embedded AI

"Make smarter decisions at the device level"

Deploy AI models on mobile devices and embedded systems for real-time intelligence and efficient operations. We enable edge computing to meet the growing demands of industries such as:

  • On-device models: Implement AI models directly on mobile devices for immediate decision-making without relying on cloud services.
  • Lightweight models: Utilize compact AI models optimized for mobile and embedded systems, ensuring efficient resource usage and minimal impact on device performance.
  • Real-time: Achieve instantaneous AI processing on devices, enabling quick responses to changing conditions or inputs.
  • Offline AI capabilities: Enable devices to perform AI tasks even without an internet connection, ensuring continuous functionality in various environments.
Stay ahead of the curve with Mobile Intelligence, empowering your devices to make smarter decisions, faster.

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AI-powered Support

Intelligent Customer Support

"Deliver exceptional customer experiences, every time"

Integrate AI-based assistant to provide natural language support in a personalized manner. Our cost-effective solution can be integrated with e-commerce stores, telemedicine solutions, and apps for extracting specific information from large text. Our assistant has following state of the art features:

  • One-click integration: Seamlessly integrate our AI assistant into your platform with just one click, saving time and effort.
  • Zero manual mappings: Our system eliminates the need for manual intent/response creations, reducing time effort and eliminating periodic updates.
  • Ensuring Data privacy with On-site models: Keep customer data safe and secure with on-site AI models that process information without sending it to external servers.
  • Offline AI capabilities for app-based assistants: Enable your AI assistant to function even without an internet connection, ensuring continuous support for your mobile app users.
Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction with our AI-based assistant, revolutionizing the way you interact with your customers.

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See More, Know More

Revolutionizing Vision with AI

"AI vision for smarter fashion, safer transportation, and advanced healthcare"

Leverage cutting-edge AI vision models for applications in fashion design, autonomous vehicle safety, medical diagnostics, and secure biometric identification. Our solutions are designed for:

  • AI industrial-grade applications: Deploy AI vision models that meet the demands of industrial environments, ensuring reliability and accuracy in real-world conditions.
  • Made for Real-world conditions: Our models are trained and tested to perform reliably in diverse and challenging real-world scenarios, providing robust solutions for your business.
  • Evolving models via active and iterative learning: Continuously improve the performance of your AI vision systems through active learning and iterative model updates, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.
  • Enable existing businesses to stand out using AI: Empower your business with AI vision capabilities that set you apart from the competition, enabling you to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions to your customers.
See more, know more with our AI vision solutions, revolutionizing the way you perceive and interact with the world around you.


We Offer

What We Offer

Chatbot Brilliance

Transform your customer interactions with our AI chatbot development service. From enhancing user engagement to streamlining customer support, our chatbots are crafted for brilliance.

Natural Language Processing

Empower your decision-making processes with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Uncover deeper insights from unstructured data, enabling your business to make informed decisions.

Entity Identification

Achieve precision in recognizing entities within your data. Our Entity Identification services enhance the accuracy and robustness of your applications, ensuring data reliability.

Speech Fragment Recognition

Give voice to seamless communication with Speech Fragment Recognition. Unlock the potential for voice-activated applications and revolutionize the way users interact with your technology.

Text Classification

Organize and categorize your data intelligently with Text Classification. From sentiment analysis to content categorization, harness the power of AI to enhance data organization.

Reduction of Human Error

Minimize errors and enhance precision with AI-driven solutions. Our technologies are designed to complement human efforts, reducing the margin of error and improving overall efficiency.

Enterprise AI Chatbot Development

Tailor-made solutions for businesses. Our Enterprise AI Chatbot Development services cater to your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Specialized AI in Healthcare

Elevate patient care and streamline healthcare processes with our specialized AI solutions. From diagnostics to personalized treatment plans, our Healthcare Bots are designed to revolutionize the healthcare industry.