Legal Financing Group of Companies

Easy Legal Group of Companies functions as a prominent holding company specializing in the provision of financial services within the legal sector. Operating primarily as a specialty lender, it caters to the distinct needs of clients and service providers involved in various legal cases. Founded in Canada, the company has positioned itself as a leading litigation financing firm, offering crucial financial support to individuals, businesses, and legal entities embroiled in legal proceedings.


he integration of digital technologies and strategies across various facets of Easy Legal Group's operations underscores its commitment to innovation, client-centricity, and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving legal finance landscape.


Easy Legal Finance gained a comprehensive perspective on their current pipeline, facilitating strategic decision-making and resource allocation. This enabled them to effectively compare their pipeline status with predefined targets, allowing for proactive adjustments and optimization of their business operations. Easy Legal Finance has benefited from Conga’s high-touch client service, allowing the firm to troubleshoot and resolve challenges quickly during the onboarding process. Following the seamless integration of Conga Composer, Easy Legal Finance expanded its usage to include Conga Batch, which efficiently handles the dissemination of extensive internal reports, financial summaries, and monthly statements to clients and partners across its various brands. This comprehensive solution empowers all team members at Easy Legal Finance to automate document creation and distribution, time saving and enhanced precision and efficiency in their operations.

01. The Challenge

The conversion from classic to lightning represents a transformational journey for Easy Legal Finance, enabling the company to modernize its operations, improve customer engagement, and drive growth across multiple domains within the legal finance industry. Manually crafting crucial settlement loan documents, converting them to PDF, and sending them via email for signatures posed challenges. The lack of control and visibility into the document journey meant that verifying accuracy and completion upon return could potentially cause a delay of up to a week in the loan funding process. As Easy Legal Finance has grown with acquisitions and expanded its business beyond settlement financing, it also needed to replace manual processes and integrate newly acquired firms onto its platform.

02. The Solution

Easy Legal Finance utilized Lightning Web and Aura components for universal usability Automated document creation for loan legal documents, ensuring e-signature platform originality reports were court-admissible Leveraging automated document generation tools, they managed multiple legal document versions, executing them from custom screens for efficiency Deploying Conga Composer to streamline and automate document generation processes. This seamless integration with Salesforce empowers Easy Legal Finance to customize templates for applications, loan documentation, and monthly statements, automatically merging data from Salesforce and eliminating errors and delays. By integrating electronic signatures and tailored workflows, the firm drastically cut down the time required for loan applications and document distribution

03. Services