Rhino Legal: Trusted legal finance

Rhino Legal Finance has established itself as a leading authority in the legal finance sector, earning widespread recognition and trust among clients and lawyers throughout Canada. Their expertise lies in offering cash advances to individuals who have sustained injuries in motor vehicle accidents, a service highly sought after in the legal landscape. By specializing in this niche area, Rhino Legal Finance has garnered a reputation for reliability and excellence, positioning itself as a trusted partner for both clients and legal professionals.


heir commitment to providing timely financial support to those in need underscores their dedication to assisting individuals through challenging circumstances arising from motor vehicle accidents.


Enhanced communication channels streamlined interactions regarding financial matters between the company and its clients. Improved transparency and clarity fostered a stronger understanding of financial engagements, benefiting both parties. These refinements contributed to more effective and efficient financial communication, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction and trust.

01. The Challenge

Challenges include managing client's personal property data securely and accurately. Visualizing target achievements poses difficulty in assessing performance. Maintaining and retrieving customer data, especially for repayment purposes, is a significant challenge. The absence of a scheduler complicates tracking court appearances for legal proceedings, potentially leading to missed deadlines and opportunities. These hurdles underscore the need for robust systems and processes to ensure efficient data management and task tracking within the company's operations.

02. The Solution

Implemented customer reports with extensive filtering capabilities using Apex and Aura, enhancing data accessibility and analysis for users. Utilized lightning web components to create a task reminder system with automated task management, improving user productivity and efficiency. Facilitated seamless integration with a third-party system through multiple data flows, enhancing data exchange and workflow efficiency. Incorporated offline storage and real-time data retrieval functionalities to ensure accessibility and reliability of the system's data, even in unstable network conditions. This comprehensive solution addresses various aspects of data management and user interaction, optimizing the system's performance and usability.

03. Services