Nails Room app offers live nail customization

The Nails Room app enables users to apply a variety of colors, patterns, or nail art on nails by offering a dynamic and immersive experience through its live camera feature. This application provides users with a fun and convenient way to experiment with nail designs. With this innovative functionality, users can instantly transform their nails in real-time, directly through their device's camera view.


y leveraging AI tools like segmentation , object detection technology, the app seamlessly integrates virtual nail colors, patterns, and nail art onto the user's fingertips as they explore different options. This live camera feature allows users to visualize and experiment with countless nail designs without any commitment or prior preparation.


Beyond its practical functionality, the app also offers a playful and entertaining experience, making nail design exploration enjoyable and accessible to users of all skill levels. Whether users are experimenting with new looks for special occasions or simply seeking inspiration for everyday wear, the Nails Room app serves as a valuable tool for self-expression and personal style discovery.

01. The Challenge

Implementing nail scanning in a camera app poses challenges in accurate nail shape detection, requiring advanced image processing and machine learning. Integrating a varied color palette also demands ensuring color precision across devices and lighting conditions. Adding a nail art feature complicates development, needing diverse design options while ensuring smooth performance and user-friendly interface. Overcoming these challenges demands technical expertise, creativity, and user-centric design for an enjoyable nail enhancement experience.

02. The Solution

We used the payment processor (przelewy) to secure the transaction process for subscription purposes Tensor flow lite tool was used for image segmentation and object detection We added filters (Open CV) in the image to keep the image stable in terms of noise and sharpness

03. Services