Data collection revolutionized with AccuScan

AccuScan embodies a pioneering initiative focused on enhancing the data collection process through the utilization of document scanning and automation technologies. Through a strategic deployment of advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text Classification, and Named Entity Recognition (NER) algorithms, AccuScan adeptly tackles the common challenges associated with manual data entry. By introducing streamlined solutions, it significantly improves time efficiency, ensures data accuracy, and optimizes overall workflow processes. This innovative approach marks a significant advancement in data management, offering organizations a powerful tool to enhance productivity and streamline operations.


ith AccuScan, organizations can experience significant improvements in productivity and operational efficiency. By accelerating the data collection process and enhancing the accuracy of extracted information, AccuScan empowers businesses to make informed decisions with confidence. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing workflows make it a valuable asset for organizations across various industries, propelling them towards greater success in the digital age.


AccuScan automates data collection, saving time and streamlining processes for businesses. Leveraging advanced technologies, AccuScan enhances data accuracy, minimizing errors and ensuring reliable information. Its digital approach simplifies workflows, fosters collaboration, and optimizes overall operations, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

01. The Challenge

Manual data collection from documents presents significant challenges, primarily due to its time-consuming nature requiring manual data entry. This approach also introduces a higher risk of human errors and inconsistencies in the collected data, which can compromise its reliability and accuracy. Additionally, the manual data collection process entails multiple steps, including physical document handling and storage, which can be inefficient and cumbersome. These challenges underscore the need for more efficient and accurate methods of data collection, such as automation technologies like AccuScan, to streamline workflows and enhance overall productivity.

02. The Solution

AccuScan transforms data extraction from scanned documents by automating manual entry, utilizing advanced OCR and Text Classification to swiftly extract information. Following OCR's accurate text extraction, the system employs Text Classification to identify the scanned card type, triggering a specialized Named Entity Recognition (NER) for precise entity extraction. This process enhances accuracy, expediting data collection. AccuScan's services encompass document scanning, OCR text extraction, card specific Text Classification, tailored NER, data validation, seamless system integration, and ongoing support, resulting in efficient and error-minimized data management.

03. Services