Procuriot revolutionizes retail with innovative solutions

The Procuriot app aims to revolutionize the retail automation industry by offering innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of retail businesses. Through this app, the company endeavors to develop cutting-edge automation solutions designed to streamline various aspects of retail operations, enhance efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience. By leveraging advanced technologies and industry expertise, Procuriot seeks to provide comprehensive automation solutions that empower retail businesses to optimize their processes and sync the hardware components to provide customers with real-time product availability information.


ith a focus on delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each customer, Procuriot aims to drive innovation and transformation within the retail sector.


With an expanded user-base, navigation during shopping experiences is significantly enhanced. The increased number of users amplifies the platform's utility and accessibility, contributing to a more seamless shopping journey. Enhanced navigation capabilities streamline the shopping process, allowing users to locate desired products more efficiently. This heightened convenience fosters a positive user experience, driving further engagement and satisfaction. Overall, the broader user-base and improved navigation features synergistically contribute to an enriched shopping experience.

01. The Challenge

Several challenges arose during the implementation of retail automation solutions: Firstly, accurately calculating the distance to the desired product within a retail store proved to be a significant obstacle, as traditional methods often fell short in providing precise location data Additionally, syncing the hardware components such as Gateways and Beacons posed a challenge, requiring meticulous coordination and integration efforts to ensure seamless operation Furthermore, establishing a reliable payment method within the app demanded careful consideration of security, convenience, and compatibility with existing systems Moreover, developing a solution to provide customers with real-time product availability information, whether they are in-store or remotely accessing the app from home, required innovative approaches to data synchronization and user interface design to deliver a seamless and responsive shopping experience These challenges underscored the complexity of implementing retail automation solutions and the need for comprehensive strategies to address diverse technological and logistical hurdles.

02. The Solution

The development process involved the creation of a comprehensive web portal housing detailed product information alongside hardware specifications, providing customers with real-time updates on product availability. By integrating hardware data into the portal, users could access accurate information both via the web and mobile app, enhancing their shopping experience with convenient access to stock availability Additionally, a payment gateway was established, seamlessly syncing with bank cards (both credit and debit), thereby streamlining the payment process for customers using the app. This integration of payment functionalities not only enhanced convenience but also ensured secure transactions, marking a significant milestone in the app's functionality Overall, these efforts reflected a concerted approach to delivering a user-centric platform that prioritized accessibility, accuracy, and convenience in both product browsing and payment processes

03. Services