Agri-tech IoT solutions revolutionize farming

Synceled operates within the agri-tech sector, focusing on the development of innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions tailored specifically for agricultural applications. These smart IoT solutions are designed to enhance and optimize various aspects of farming practices, spanning crop cultivation, livestock management, and resource utilization. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Synceled aims to revolutionize agriculture by introducing efficient, data-driven solutions that empower farmers to increase productivity, reduce resource waste, and achieve sustainable growth in their operations.


ynceLed embraced the concept of a one-minute simulation showcasing the behavior of light, recognizing its potential value. By incorporating this innovative feature into their offerings, SynceLed not only met but exceeded their revenue generation targets. This solution resonated with their clients, highlighting SynceLed's ability to anticipate market needs and deliver compelling solutions that drive success for both the company and its client.


SynceLed customizes the functionality of their lighting systems to meet specific needs within different groups and zones. This tailored approach allows for greater adaptability and control over the lighting infrastructure, enabling SynceLed to optimize lighting conditions based on varying requirements across different areas. By offering this level of customization, SynceLed enhances the flexibility and efficiency of their lighting solutions, ensuring they align perfectly with the unique demands of each environment or application.

01. The Challenge

When SynceLed initially possessed the hardware, they faced uncertainty about the product's functionality. They sought to hire a team to conceptualize the interface of Theia app, ensuring seamless synchronization with the hardware. Managing tens of thousands of lights simultaneously, each responding to different commands, posed a complex challenge. Additionally, integrating the DFU app, used for hardware updates, with Theia app was a hurdle that required careful coordination to ensure the proper functioning of the lights.

02. The Solution

In our collaboration with SynceLed, a 1-minute simulation offering a comprehensive preview of how their hardware would operate over a 24-hour period. This simulation is divided into three distinct time frames of 8 hours each, enabling SynceLed to visualize the performance of their hardware throughout the day. Additionally, we meticulously designed the user interface (UI) of the app and seamlessly synchronized it with the hardware, ensuring that commands were executed accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, a system for categorizing lights into groups and zones, enabling customized functionality based on specific groupings.

03. Services