Mechanical automation with IoT solutions

The company operates within the mechanical automation industry, specializing in the development of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions tailored specifically for mechanical industry automation. Their focus lies in creating innovative products that seamlessly integrate IoT technology with mechanical systems, aiming to enhance efficiency, productivity, and functionality in various industrial settings. By leveraging IoT capabilities, they enable automation processes to be monitored, controlled, and optimized remotely, offering businesses in the mechanical sector cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations, improve performance, and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving market landscape.


he company operates within the mechanical automation sector, specializing in IoT-based solutions. Their products integrate IoT technology with mechanical systems to enhance efficiency and functionality. By leveraging IoT capabilities, they enable remote monitoring and optimization of automation processes. These innovative solutions streamline operations and improve performance for businesses in the mechanical industry. Overall, their focus on IoT-driven automation underscores their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to modern industrial needs.


Through our collaboration, the client witnessed a notable surge in end consumers, successfully achieving their revenue targets. The app we developed garnered positive feedback from users, reflecting its effectiveness and appeal. This positive reception not only bolstered the app's reputation but also contributed to the client's overall success and satisfaction.

01. The Challenge

The company faced several challenges in app development and maintenance. Firstly, they lacked a dedicated team to oversee these processes, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. Additionally, despite having a live app, outdated codes hindered its smooth functioning, necessitating immediate updates. Furthermore, the absence of a dedicated resource for code synchronization posed difficulties in maintaining the app's integrity and performance. Bug fixing became a pressing issue, impacting user experience and satisfaction. Moreover, integrating new features such as private mode and language options like German and French added complexity to the development process. Lastly, syncing Siri with multiple hardware simultaneously introduced technical hurdles, requiring careful coordination and implementation to ensure seamless functionality across devices. Addressing these challenges demanded a strategic approach, adequate resources, and meticulous attention to detail to deliver a reliable and user-friendly app experience.

02. The Solution

The first step in addressing the challenges was to closely collaborate with the client, leveraging their expertise to navigate hurdles efficiently. By maintaining open communication channels, we sought clear instructions and guidance whenever obstacles arose, ensuring alignment with the client's vision throughout the project. Additionally, we undertook thorough research and analysis to identify areas requiring updates and enhancements. With the client's input and instructions in mind, we meticulously updated existing data, including names, images, backgrounds, and bundle IDs, to align with project requirements. Furthermore, we replicated and synchronized this modified data across multiple apps, ensuring consistency and coherence in the user experience across different platforms. This collaborative and iterative approach enabled us to overcome challenges effectively while delivering a tailored solution that met the client's specifications and expectations.

03. Services