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Sending Invoices from Salesforce to QuickBooks with Breadwinner: A Quick Guide

Efficient invoicing is crucial for businesses to maintain cash flow and financial stability. Salesforce, a robust CRM platform, can be integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks using the Breadwinner app to streamline the invoicing process. In this concise guide, we will walk you through the steps to send invoices directly from Salesforce to QuickBooks using Breadwinner.

1: Install the Breadwinner App

Begin by installing the Breadwinner app from the Salesforce AppExchange

This app serves as the bridge between Salesforce and QuickBooks, enabling data synchronization and invoice creation

2: Connect Salesforce and QuickBooks

Once installed, configure Breadwinner to connect your Salesforce and QuickBooks accounts. You will need QuickBooks admin credentials for this step

Authenticate and authorize Breadwinner to access both systems, ensuring secure data transfer

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3: Create an Invoice in Salesforce

In Salesforce, navigate to the Opportunity or Account associated with the invoice

Click on “New Invoice” or a similar option provided by Breadwinner, and fill out the necessary details such as customer information, billing items, and amounts

4: Sync Invoice Data

Use Breadwinner’s synchronization capabilities to push the invoice data from Salesforce to QuickBooks

Ensure that all data, including customer details and invoice line items, are accurately transferred

5: Review and Finalize

In QuickBooks, review the imported invoice to ensure accuracy and completeness

Make any necessary adjustments or additions directly within QuickBooks if required

6: Send the Invoice

Once you are satisfied with the invoice details, use QuickBooks to send the invoice to your customer

QuickBooks offers various delivery options, such as email or printing and mailing the invoice

7: Track Payment and Follow-up

Use QuickBooks to monitor the payment status of the invoice

Utilize Salesforce to set reminders and follow up with customers for timely payments

Streamlining your invoicing process by integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks through the Breadwinner app is a time-saving and error-reducing solution. This guide has provided you with a quick overview of the steps involved in sending invoices seamlessly between these two powerful platforms. By leveraging this integration, you can enhance your financial processes and ensure a more efficient invoicing workflow for your business.